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How does our site works?
You need to fill up your details and select companies of paid surveys with whom you would like to work. We pass your personal details along with your preferences to the survey companies for further proceedings. Such companies will send you mails asking your confirmation to take part at online surveys.

How we handle your details?

By seeking your permission, we pass on your details to the survey companies that you selected earlier. We never pass your details to third parties or affiliates without your prior approval.
We also send newsletters to keep you informed about our new services and products on regular basis. The best part of such process is that you need to furnish your details only once and start earning money from various paid surveys. Now, you can prevent yourself from hopping from one site to another for finding the best online survey companies.

How can I unregister myself from not receiving further emails?

In order to remove your details form our database, send us an email to us along with your name, postcode and contact number. After receiving your mail, we will revert you with an email, where you can find a link for unsubscribing from newsletter services and removal of personal details from our database. Click at the link and you can stop receiving newsletters from us in future.

Alternatively, you can shoot us an email comprising your name, email address and postcode, and we will do the needful to remove your details from our mailing list.

Can I get a copy of my details that you hold?

You can get a copy of your details that we hold with us. In order to receive your copy, you need to pay a processing fee to be drawn in favor of

What do you collect through your website?

Any detail pertaining to your name, email address, contact details, paid surveys preferences etc. is collected through our website.

We collect those data that help us to recognize you and your earn surveys preferences, when you use our site. This helps you in saving reasonable amount of time from re-entering your details, when you visit our site the next time.

We collect your valuable data by incorporating cookies, when you navigate our site. A cookie is a program, which we send to your computer and it gets stored in the hard disk or in the browser. There are some browsers that prevent you from receiving new cookies. They will inform you about the acceptance of such cookies or disable them altogether as per your choice. If you deactivate a cookie, you will not able to receive personalized facilities from us.

You can find details of activation and restoration of cookies in the help section of your browser. If you do not want us to monitor your activities at our site, you can disable some cookie functions. You can adjust your browser in a manner, so that your computer does not accept cookie installation requests. If you do this, you can still navigate our site, but you will be devoid of certain facilities from our end.

If you use Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Windows Explorer, you have to follow these instructions by clicking at this link – Now, you have to click at the manage cookies menu. After clicking at the manage cookies option, set your preference where you can deactivate cookies or get yourself informed about them. Then, from the list provided to you, click at the program link, which your computer uses.

If such program is not displayed in the link, click at the help menu, located on the top of the bar of this page, search for information on cookies and you will get all the information of deleting cookies. Finally, follow the instructions.

Your browser also generates certain information that includes the type of language used in the site and your IP address. IP address is a group of numbers that is assigned to your system during a browsing activity, whenever you access the internet through a service provider or through your network.

Our servers directly trace your IP address for collecting data on generated traffic that is driven towards our website. We do not use your IP address to identify your personal details, but these log ins may contain unique identifiable information left by your device.

We collect personal preferences and use email updates for providing you the information regarding our products or services.

How can you earn paid surveys money from us?

We have listed some reputed earn surveys market research firms working with us. All such companies pay you for your valuable time you spend with them for completing their assigned tasks. Our website displays the type of incentives, these companies reward to people.

Can I get assurance from you about the quality of work these paid surveys companies assign to me?

We do not interfere once you establish relationship with a market research company. However, we monitor such companies to ensure that you get the best value for your time that you spend on paid surveys.